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Deep troughs keep water cool
Low maintenance
Smooth finish, 40mpa concrete
High/low psi valves
Delivered & placed directly on-site
10 years guarantee
Stock proof

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Concrete products by Mid West Concrete generally conforms with AS3600
Strength - min 40MPa at 28 days
Minimum Cement Content 360kg/m3
Concrete is formed in rigid formwork & intense vibration is applied for compaction
Maximum water/cement ratio 0.45
Cement - Type GP
Maximum coarse aggregate size - 15mm
Type of fine aggregate – Clean fine sand

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We have a huge range of stock troughs and valve options available.
Long Stock Troughs, Round Stock Troughs, Cattle Troughs, Sheep troughs, Valve Covers, Cup and Saucer Troughs,
Feedlots, Float Valves, Septic and Water Tanks.
With over 25 years Experience we can recommend the best trough to suite your needs.

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We have available a huge range of products including:
Pits and Risers, Grates and Lids, Drains and Grates, Service Channels ,Headwalls - Standard,
Headwalls - Green Pipes, RTA Sloping Headwalls, Sumps (Road), Concrete Pipes - MC Pipes Step Tops and Pads,
Car Bump Stops, Retaining Walls, Tilt Panels, Garden Products, Landscaping Products, Ponds. Contact us for advice.

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  • “Midwest Concrete troughs stand up to a beating, the stock proof float valve covers are a great innovation. These troughs simply work, its one less thing to worry about. “

  • “The team and Midwest Concrete were super helpful in getting the right troughs. The troughs were delivered on time and with no hassles. Highly recommended.”

  • “Getting the correct spec civil products on site at the right time is difference between a successful project and me getting fired. I trust Midwest to help me get my projects right.”

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Our design, construction, and delivery systems are focused on the best outcomes for our customers. Perfect function, worry free durability and on schedule delivery. The owners of the business run the business, so you can trust us to get it right every time.

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